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Our spring semester will begin on Feb. 1st and end April 19th, with no days off. (May 3rd will end 14-week classes).
Our spring schedule should be available around the third week of November. Many of our classes stay the same year-to year, but almost all of them will have new content. Check class descriptions for details. Most of our high school science classes are year-long, and so priority registration is given to students who were enrolled first semester.
Volunteers begin registering the last week of November, and general registration starts the first Wednesday in December.

Classes are held from 9am to 4pm on Wednesday afternoons at Southwest Church of Christ (124th and West Center), and we welcome you to bring the whole family down. Whether spending time in our Mom’s Room or finding a nook to call your own, you are welcome to make us your homeschool away from home. Kids are free to study or socialize when not in class.