Class Descriptions West Center Campus

ACT Prep FULL (ages 13-18) Kevin Burge
Students learn tips, strategies, and plenty of essential English, math, reading, and science review. Math will receive particular emphasis. Students will gain a competitive advantage by becoming familiar with the test’s format; learn tips that will turn complex algebra problems into simple arithmetic, and ease reading comprehension and science reasoning problems by zeroing in on main ideas, topic sentences, and keywords. Homework: 1-2 hrs. per week.
Students supply The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2018: Official Practice Tests + 400 Bonus Questions Online
Time: 12pm–FULL, ending 12/12   Tuition: $105 for 14 weeks/ $95 for volunteers

American Literature (ages 14-18) Jack Donnelly
Students will study fiction and poetry, using analysis techniques as a basis for judging literature. Students will also be taught to write about literature, including personal response, explication, analysis, and documentation. The class will study some of America’s greatest writers, including the novels The Great Gatsby and Huckleberry Finn; short stories by Hawthorne, Poe, Vonnegut, and Bradbury; and poetry by Emily Dickenson, Theodore Roethke, Robert Frost, E.E. Cummings, and others
Note: While care has been taken to avoid inappropriate selections, readings will sometimes contain mature and grim material, such as found in The Great Gatsby and Poe.
Time: 12pm   Tuition: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $5

Animal Farm FULL (ages 6-10) Jessica Donahoo
Get up close and personal with a live pig, cow, chickens, rabbits, turkey, goats, ducks, and a horse. We will talk about the different kinds of animals, their uses, diet, and care. Note: this class will take place outdoors for the most part. Children with allergies to animals should not enroll.
Time: 12pm FULL   Tuition: $95/$85 for volunteers

Introduction to Art FULL(ages 6-11) Pam Hamburger
This art class offers a variety of experiences in acrylic painting, drawing, printmaking, fabric/fiber, and sculpture. Various projects will allow for individual creativity while learning art skills that include observing, creative thinking, design, balance and color. Students will learn to see the beauty around them (shapes, sizes, shadows, detail) and then transfer that to paper, canvas, wood or fabric using approaches or methods in art. New art projects will reinforce art concepts and inspire creativity in the students that have taken this class before.
Time: 10am and 11am   Tuition: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15
Students should bring a paint smock.

Introduction to Drawing FULL (ages 6-10) Jeremiah Johnson
Students take what they see in the world around them and learn to translate it to the paper before them, using the basic elements of drawing. Students will enhance creativity and artistic confidence using techniques such as perspective, shading, and composition. Students will learn to observe edges, spaces, value relationships, and figure/ground relationships.
FULL Time: 1pm Tuition: $95/$85 for volunteers Supply Fee: $15
[See also Bug Out, and Clay Create.]

Advanced Drawing (ages 12-adult) Jeremiah Johnson
A course for students desiring to take their drawing skills to the next level. Black-and-white art media (graphite, charcoal, pen and ink) will be employed to capture a wide variety of likenesses. Students will further develop their drawing skills by learning various types of gesture drawing skills to capture scenes and the human figure in real time. We will explore shading, measuring proportion, perspective, texturing, design and composition.
Time: 12pm-FULL   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15
[See also Clay Create.]

Art Workshop (ages 12-adult) New class!  Pam Hamburger
This class will allow time to experience art, explore new ideas, and develop skills in several areas of art. Each of the workshop sessions will apply basic principles and techniques while students create works of art using their own unique personalities and styles. Art workshops are designed to nurture growth and creativity in the field of art. This semester’s workshops will be divided into 4 three-week units covering drawing, abstract acrylic painting, printmaking, and clay sculpture.
Time: 1pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $20.   Students supply a paint smock.
[See also Clay Create.]

Bake-Off Mandy Moran
From sticky maple apple traybake to cherry bakewell with the odd historical bake courtesy of the Tudors, we’ll be honing our skills whilst we bake our way through an assortment of traditional British fare. This is a bake-and-take class! Each week you’ll take home and share with the family your creation. In true Great British Bake Off form, there will be an element of friendly competition involved. Students will be assigned a team partner and work their way through weekly bakes with the possibility of a fun quiz or two as well as the odd pop challenge thrown in for good measure! Who will be the Learning Center’s Best Baker? Come join in the fun and find out! Inverness gingernut, anyone?
NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to manage allergy situations in the classroom. Please bring a plastic container or cookie tin to carry home your baked goods each week.
FULL: Ages 6-10: 2pm Cost: $85 Class Fee: $20
Ages 10-18: 12pm  10am    Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $25

Ballet   Brandy Buckley
Pre-Ballet (4-6 year-old boys and girls)
This class will work on various skills including, movement, rhythm work, creativity exercises, and large motor skills. Students will participate in a basic warm up and be introduced to beginning ballet movements in a creative, fun learning environment. Girls should wear their hair in a bun and off their neck if possible.
Time: 1pm and 3pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supplies: Girls: pink tights, pink shoes, and a black leotard. Boys: black t-shirt, black basketball shorts and black ballet shoes. (Bobby’s Dancewear or The Dance Shoppe)

Ballet (7-14-year-old boys and girls)
This is a classic ballet class that will include ballet technique, stretching, center floor work, and a short routine worked on every week. Students will be taught ballet vocabulary and will be engaged in a creative and interactive learning environment. Girls should wear their hair in a bun and off their neck if possible.
Time: 2pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers,   Supplies: Girls: pink tights, pink shoes, and a black leotard. Boys: black t-shirt, black basketball shorts and black ballet shoes. (Bobby’s Dancewear or The Dance Shoppe)

Ballroom Dance FULL (ages 13-18) Nate Woodhams
Is it exercise or socializing? Are students learning dexterity or etiquette? Once the music starts, it all comes together in this lively, energizing class. Students will learn to dance swing (East Coast), waltz, foxtrot, and tango (American style).
Time: 3pm FULL  Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers

Biology (ages 13-18)  Jeanne Patton
This Apologia college-preparatory biology course provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. Heavily emphasizing the vocabulary of biology, it provides a strong background in the scientific method, the five-kingdom classification scheme, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, and ecosystems. Homework: 3-6 hours per week.
Time: 9am-10:50am or 11am-12:50pm, ending 12/12   Cost: $210 for 2 hours, 14 weeks/$190 for volunteers
Supply Fee: $25   Students supply Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd edition
[See also Dissection Lab, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Introduction to Science.]

Bug Out FULL (ages 6-10) Mindy Nickla
Bugs are beautiful! In this class – part art, part science – we’ll zoom in close to examine a variety of insects under a low-powered microscope. Beetles, butterflies, grasshoppers, and dragonflies are only a few of the many insects that we’ll discuss each week before turning our attention to an insect-themed art project that celebrates their unusual shapes and extraordinary colors. To create our masterpieces, we’ll use watercolors, tempera paints, mixed media design, creative and precision drawing, as well as chalks and modeling clay.
Time: 11am: FULL   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15   Students should supply a paint smock.
[See also Hands-On Science 6-10 and Hands-On Anatomy 6-10.]
[See also Art and Clay Create.]

Car Mechanics (ages 12-18)  the Altmans
Want to know how your favorite hot rod gets down the street? We are going to get down and dirty by taking apart an actual engine to see how it works. We are going to spend the semester learning about all the internal parts of an engine and having them in our hands, seeing just how they work and why we do maintenance on our cars to keep them running.
Time: 1pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers Supply Fee: $5  Students should come dressed to get dirty.

Chemistry (ages 15-18)  Kevin Burge
A mathematics-intensive high school course that gives students a rigorous foundation in chemistry. Over the year, material will include such topics as kinetics, acids and bases, solutions, atomic structure, and gas. Students who take this course should be well prepared for a challenging university chemistry course. Prerequisite: Algebra I. Homework: 2-4 hours per week.
Students supply Introductory Chemistry: Concepts and Critical thinking (6th Edition)
Time: 10am-11:50pm, ending 12/12   Cost: $210 for 2 hours, 14 weeks/$190 for volunteers      Supply Fee: $20
[See also Dissection Lab, Physical Science, Biology, and Introduction to Science.]

Chess (ages 7-14)  Bob Woodworth
Learn the basic rules of chess, how the pieces move and their values, and also include a brief history of the game plus minor tactics/strategy and some simple checkmates and stalemate tactics.
Time: 10am   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers

Choir (ages 9-13)  Alex McCabe
Let’s make some good music together! Your young singer will learn the basics of choral singing and grow their musical skills. This class will include the study of healthy vocal and breathing techniques, as well as solfeggio, and the fundamental skills of music. At the end of the semester, students will perform a recital of their repertoire.
Alex served as a music minister for ten years in churches all over Oklahoma. This year he will also be teaching band students at Bennington schools, ukulele at Metropolitan Community College, and Applied Voice at Iowa Western Community College.
Time: 12pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers Supply Fee: $3

Clay Create FULL Pam Hamburger
An introduction to pottery concentrating in hand-building techniques. Students will be introduced to three clay bodies: earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. Classes will include making a potter’s tool kit, the terminology of pottery making, preparing the clay, and creating forms through pinching, pressing, sculpting, coiling, and slab. Each student will complete a variety of pottery pieces and clay jewelry. One session will include a wheel thrown demonstration by the instructor. Students that have taken the class before will be challenged with additional techniques and clay projects.
Students supply a smock, a shoe box (or similar-sized box with lid), and an empty ice cream bucket with lid (or container of similar size).
FULL Ages 6-10: 3pm      Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers    Supply and Firing Fee: $20
FULL Ages 10-14: 2pm Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers    Supply and Firing Fee: $20
[See also Art, Poetry and Art, and Bug Out.]

Dissection Lab (ages 12-18) Jessica Simmons
Each week we will complete a dissection or a lab demonstration found in a life science/biology course. Students will keep a notebook with observations and notes. Dissections will include an owl pellet, earthworm, grasshopper, starfish, and frog. We will swab and grow bacteria, complete a blood typing test, dissect flowers and other messy lab science projects. This class will only cover the lab part of a life science/biology course.
Time: 1pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $30
[See also Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Introduction to Science.]

Drama FULL (ages 6-10) Marianne Toovey
Inspire budding young actors through creative play, exercise, scene work and monologues. Students will learn the basics of taking direction, blocking, memorization, and feeling comfortable and confident in front of others to prepare them for the world of theatre. There will be a performance for the parents on the last day.
Time: 12pm FULL  Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15

Drama FULL (ages 10-14) Jessie Simmons
High energy fun! Through exercises, games, improvisation and scene work, students can develop the foundations of good acting. Students study improvisation, blocking, story arc, and character development. Students have opportunities, through creative play and group work, to perform for each other.
Time: 2pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $4

Engineering   Kevin Burge
Learn more about engineering through fun and challenging activities. Engineering applies science and mathematics to design objects or processes that are useful. Since machines and processes must obey the laws of nature, engineers must understand and use these laws. Students will engage in problem-solving strategies that will challenge and fascinate them while revealing engineering facts and concepts. Mr. Burge will have new content as well as reprising some student favorites.
Ages 6-10: 2pm, 3pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers.   Supply Fee: $15
FULL Ages 10-14: 1pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers.   Supply Fee: $15
[See also Lego Construction, Hot Wired, and Hands-On Science.]

Fall Play–FULL (ages 15-18)  Jessie Simmons
This fun, family-friendly production of The Gift of the Magi will teach students the skills necessary to perform on stage, including stage makeup, blocking, projection, and articulation. No registration is necessary. Simply email your interest to to receive audition material.
Auditions will be August 22nd with callbacks on August 29th. Rehearsals will be on Wednesdays from 3 to 5:30. (Please note that this is a change from last year.) Students must be available Wednesday, Nov. 14th through Saturday, Nov 17th for dress-rehearsals and performances.
Time: 3-5:30pm, Wednesdays.   Cost: $120   Class Fee: $40 for scripts, production and stage costs

Forensics Science (ages 10-14) Shellie Garrett
This science is just like a game, where students find clues, piece together puzzles, and solve mysteries left behind at a crime scene. You’ve seen the TV shows; now jump into the real thing! Students will learn about fingerprint analysis, fiber, blood, and trace evidence through interesting and fun and activities.
Time: 3pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $20

Fun with Spanish FULL (ages 6-10) Zaida Murray
Would you like your young ones to become accustomed to the sounds and some basics of the language? We will explore Spanish through a variety of games and activities focused on understanding and speaking skills. We will cover such topics as colors, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, food, family, animals, home and basic introductions to new friends.
FULL: Time: 10am Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers Supply Fee: $5

Geography  Sarah Kunkle
Starting from Omaha, students will learn about the community in which they live and then gradually move out to explore the geography of North America. With hands-on activities, students will use location strategies, explore topography, use different types of maps, create 3D representations, and much more. We will also use Giganto Maps, which will spread across the entire floor of our classroom, and students themselves will be the tools in which to mark, locate, and experience the wonderful features of America.
Ages 6-10   Time: 10am    Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers    Supply Fee: $15
Ages 10-14 Time: 11am    Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers     Supply Fee: $15

High School Geography (ages 14-18) Julie Knutson
Half of 18 to 24-year-olds can’t find New York on a United States map and 63% of young Americans can’t find Iraq on a world map. This course will study where people, places, and things are located, and how they relate to each other. Explore and discover the processes that shape the earth, the relationships between people and environments, and the links between people and places. See how a global perspective applies to you!
Time: 2pm, ending 12/12   Cost: $105 for 14 weeks/ $95 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $7

Go Kids Go! (ages 4-7)  Erin Healey
For kids on the move! Exercise and games will keep kids active while also teaching them about the muscles they are developing, as well as their cardiovascular system. Activities will develop their ability to respond to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues. Balance work and coordination training will enhance agility; hand-clapping games and singing and dancing games will improve rhythm and movement synchronization. And it’s all fun!
Time: 10am   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $3

Greek and Latin Roots (ages 9-18) New Class!  Jessica Sadowski
Help your child improve their vocabulary and understanding of the English language by studying the foundations of the English language as found in Greek and Latin. This class will study the very common roots from our Greek and Latin predecessors, as well as prefixes and suffixes as we build words together through hands-on activities and learn how to study with note cards, quizzes, and in-class teamwork. Whether you want to prepare your child to read the Great Classics, improve your child’s vocabulary or just want a higher ACT score, this is the class for you! (High school-aged students will receive more challenging material.)
Time: 10am Tuition: $95/$85 for volunteers Supply Fee: $10

Hammers and Nails CANCELLED
If I had a hammer…Well, now you do! Children use fine motor skills with traditional tools to improve manual dexterity and create simple craft projects. The class will also teach measuring and reinforce number skills or help students recognize numbers, as well as sanding techniques, using wood putty, gluing, building for stability, and more.
Ages 6-10 CANCELLED     Time: 3pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15
Ages 10-14 CANCELLED   Time: 2pm    Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15

Hands-On Anatomy   Jennifer Britson
From the brain in your head to the nails on your toes, students will encounter fascinating facts, engaging activities, intriguing experiments, and loads of fun as they learn about the human body and its miraculous design. The class will cover many of the body systems, such as skeletal, muscular, respiratory, digestive, and more!
Ages 5-7   Time: 10am, 11am   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers    Supply Fee: $15
Ages 6-10 Time: 3pm                Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers    Supply Fee: $15
[See also Hands-On Science.]

Hands-On Math (ages 4-6)  Mindy Nickla
What a great way to introduce young learners to the joy of math! The use of math manipulatives provides an opportunity to touch, feel, count, and sort to develop deep foundational learning, not just memorization. This is an especially helpful way to address the learning needs of visual, kinesthetic, and other hands-on learners. It’s both effective and fun! Students will be introduced to (or build upon their understanding of) skip counting, shapes, symmetry, patterns, graphing, fractions, addition, subtraction, and more.
Prerequisite: Students should be able to count from 1 to 10.
Time: 10am, 12pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $12

Hands-On Science (ages 6-10)  Erin Healey
Equip your students with a working knowledge of our amazing world and the living things that share it with us! We will explore how different species of the kingdoms of life from bacteria and fungi to birds and mammals live together and rely on each other. Engaging activities, experiments, and projects provide opportunities for hands-on learning. We will be using books from the Elemental Science Biology Grammar Stage curriculum.
Time: 1pm (11am and12pm FULL)   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15
[See also Engineering, Lego Construction, and Hands-On Anatomy.]

Hands-On Science 10-14 FULL (ages 10-14) Nikki Herrera
Equip your students with a working knowledge of the Earth and the solar system. Students will focus on basic astronomy: galaxies, stars, planets, comets, meteors, telescopes and satellites. Engaging activities, experiments, and projects provide opportunities for hands-on learning and practice keeping a lab notebook.
Time: 1pm FULL   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15
Optional textbook: Earth Science & Astronomy for the Logic Stage Student Guide by Elemental Science
[See also Engineering, Hot Wired, Physical Science and Introduction to Science.]

Hot Wired: Electricity for Kids FULL (ages 10-14) Becky Furtado
Turn a toothbrush into a robot! That is only one sneaky way to help kids discover the principles of electricity through engaging, hands-on activities as they make brush bots, electromagnets, motors, and more. Kids will have fun creating these projects while learning about electric circuits, magnetic and electrical fields, and how energy is transferred to devices used in daily life.
Rebecca Furtado, a graduate of Colorado School of Mines, is a licensed electrical engineer with 15 years of experience in the power industryFULL: Time: 3pm Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers Supply Fee: $15
[See also Hands-On Science, Engineering, Physical Science and Introduction to Science.]

iMovie (ages 12-18) New Class!  Sarah Kunkle
3…2…1…ACTION! Students who have creative minds, want to learn more about technology, and aren’t afraid to be behind the camera will thrive in the iMovie course. Focusing on iMovie trailers, students will plan, practice, record, and present two or more book trailers. Following teacher-led demonstrations, students will team up to learn the basis of film-making, with lots of opportunities for problem-solving. In the end, students will walk away with a new set of skills as well as memorable videos.
Students need to supply an iPad or iPhone; an Apple laptop is also acceptable.
Time: 12pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $10

Introduction to Science FULL (ages 11-16) A year-long class. Becky Furtado
Designed to be a student’s first systematic introduction to the sciences, students explore topics such as the scientific method, simple machines, geology, archaeology, biology, anatomy and other disciplines, providing a wide range of scientific exposure. Hands-on experiments are included throughout, giving students practical experience as they discover the principles behind the science. The focus is placed on developing habits that will carry over into high school science. Homework: 1-3 hours per week. The first semester of a year-long class.
Students supply Exploring Creation with General Science Student Textbook, 2nd Edition (Apologia)
Time: 10am FULL, ending 12/12   Cost: $105 for 14 weeks/ $95 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15
[See also Dissection Lab, Physical Science, and Hands-On Science 10-14.]

Leathercraft FULL(ages 6-18) Tandy Leathercraft Staff
Students will be guided step-by-step through projects to learn the fundamental techniques of the art of leather stamping. Beginning students can choose from eight engaging projects including keychains, bracelets, and more. (May be used as a partial fulfillment of the Boy Scout Leatherwork Merit Badge.)
FULL Time:11am and 12pm   Cost: $85/$75 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $22 (includes all tools and materials)

Lego Construction (ages 6-10) Becky Furtado
Your child’s dream of a room filled with Legos comes together with a parent’s dream of children happily learning technology and engineering in a tangible way by taking teaching out of the textbook and putting it into the child’s hands. Take your Master Builder skills a step forward and learn coding, chain reactions, simple machines, and much more! We will use the Lego kits Chain Reactions and Crazy Contraptions.
Time:  2pm  1pm FULL     Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15
[See also Engineering and Hands-On Science.]

Music and Movement CANCELLED (ages 6-10) Alex McCabe
Music and movement go together like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper – one enhances the other! This class will include various styles of folk music through sing-a-longs, chanting, movement activities, folk dancing, marches, tonal and rhythm patterns, and instrument play. We will explore music and movements from all over the world. At the end of the semester, students will perform their newly learned songs and movements.
Alex served as a music minister for ten years in churches all over Oklahoma. This year he will also be teaching band students at Bennington schools, ukulele at Metropolitan Community College, and Applied Voice at Iowa Western Community College.
Time: 11am CANCELLED  Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers

Nebraska History (ages 10-14)  Sarah Winn
Know your state! Through activities, discussion, and lecture, students will discover the history and geography of Nebraska, including the expansion and development of Nebraska (forts, missions, settlements, trails, and cities), state symbols (flag, tree, bird, etc.), groups that have impacted Nebraska’s history (buffalo soldiers, cowboys, sodbusters, and immigrants), and prominent Nebraskans.
Time: 1pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15

Newspaper/ Journalism CANCELLED (ages 12-18) Arlis Vargas
Students will become reporters and editors as they learn the art of journalism by creating concise, fact-oriented articles, headlines and leads for the Learning Center newspaper. They will also develop interviewing techniques, editing skills and collaboration.
Time: 3pm CANCELLED  Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $10
Students will supply a three-ring-binder with paper. All students must have access to a Gmail account.
[See also Writing.]

Physical Education   Marty McCombs
Students engage in aerobic exercise that helps teach coordination, team work, confidence and sportsmanship. While playing, kids will learn many skills that are more important than athleticism, including teamwork, compassion, playing by the rules, anger and pain management, social skills, and competitiveness.
Note: Age may be less important than a child’s size, athleticism, and competitiveness.
Ages 8-12 Students will participate in relays and tag games, kickball, and dodgeball.
Time: 12pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers
Ages 12-18 Students play aggressive, big-boy dodgeball. Not for the faint of heart.
Time: 1pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers

Physical Science (ages 12-18) The first semester of a year-long class. Nikki Herrera
Get ready for high-school science with this Apologia-based survey of the physical world. This course covers a broad range of topics including earth science, weather, chemistry, and physics. Students are encouraged to participate in group discussions, games, and hands-on experiments. Focus is placed on developing habits that will carry over into high school science, including note-taking, quizzes, and tests. Homework: 1-3 hours per week.
Students supply Exploring Creation with Physical Science Student Textbook, 2nd Edition (Apologia)
Time: 9am, ending 12/12    Cost: $105 for 14 weeks/ $95 for volunteers    Supply Fee: $15
[See also Dissection Lab, Biology, Chemistry, and Introduction to Science.]

Pioneer Trails FULL (ages 6-10) Jodie Raike
Have you wondered what it was like to load a wagon and live on the trail as you travel to your new home? Come experience the journeys of the American pioneers. We will learn why the pioneers left their homes, what they brought with them, and what the journey was like. We will also learn about the tasks a pioneer had to complete to survive. This will be a hands-on experience which will include what it was like to load a wagon, making butter, spinning wool, and making a miniature sod house.
Time: 1pm FULL and 3pm CANCELLED   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15
[See also Story of the World.]

Pre-Reading (ages 3-5) New Class!  Maggie Blazek
Help to get your child ready to explore the amazing world of reading. Through manipulatives and sensory activities, games, and songs, emerging readers are introduced to letters and sounds that are the building block to reading. This class is designed for students who are not proficient in letter recognition.
Time: 3pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Class Fee: $10

The Poetry and Art Hour (ages 10-14)  Amy Hurley
Students will explore a wide range of poetry from acrostic, ballads, cinquain, free verse, ghazal, with all new material. Through teacher-led instruction, student read-alouds, stories, and video clips, students will learn the vocabulary of poetry and be exposed to this art. There will be time in class to write poetry as well as explore art mediums that reinforce poetic ideas such as zentangles, multi-media art, and Sculpey clay.
Time: 11am   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15
[See also Art and Clay Create.]

Reading, Writing—Ready! CANCELLED (ages 5-6) Maggie Blazek
Reading is a lifelong skill that affects every area of our life. In this upbeat, explicit, intensive, systematic, phonics class, we will teach reading skills through songs, games and vocabulary words. Your child will be thrilled to be on the reading journey, and you’ll love the confidence that follows suit.
Pre-requisite: letter recognition.
Time: 2pm: CANCELLED   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $10

Rocket Math I (ages 6-9)  Heidi Rankin
Yes, even math can be fun! There is no trick to single-digit addition and subtraction, so the way to improve speed and accuracy is practice, practice, and more practice! Rocket math uses timed tests, worksheets, and team-oriented spelling-bee type activities to make that practice goal oriented and self-competitive. Homework: 10 minutes per day.
Time: 11am   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $3

Rocket Math II–FULL(ages 8-11) Heidi Rankin
The class is designed for students who have already learned the fundamentals of single-digit addition and subtraction but would like to increase their speed and proficiency. It will also begin work on multiplication and division. Timed tests, worksheets, and flashcards build up recall and speed, which are then used to solve word problems, make unit conversions, figure out brainteasers, and play games. Homework: 10 minutes per day.
Time: 10am Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers Supply Fee: $3.

Sign Language (12-adult) The first semester of a year-long class.  Jessica Sadowski
Students will learn basic vocabulary, grammar, history, finger-spelling, numbers, terminology, as well as exploring deaf culture using the video course American Sign Language University. Our class will provide a lab session to practice those skills with a skilled signer as well as peers. Many colleges are now accepting sign language as a foreign language. For a sample of the lessons, see Approximately 3-5 hours of homework per week.
Time: 12pm, ending 12/12   Cost: $105 for 14 weeks/ $95 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $5
[See also Spanish.]

Spanish I CANCELLED (ages 14-18) Heidi Berry
This class will increase vocabulary and knowledge of common conversation through the study of grammar, verb conjugation, and language usage. Through teacher-led instructions and interactive activities, role-plays, stories, and music, students will have opportunities to further their written and oral language skills. Homework: 3-5 hrs. per week.
Students supply The Nassi/Levy Spanish Three Years Workbook (paperback)
Time: 2-3:50pm, ending 12/12 CANCELLED   Cost: $210 for 2-hours, 14 weeks/ $190 for volunteers    Supply Fee: $5
[See also Sign Language.]

The Story of the World (6-10)  Sarah Winn
Travel back in time to the world of kings and queens, knights, and castles. Wander with us through the Roman Empire, medieval monasteries, and the New World. Find out who discovered chocolate and why the Turks dragged their warships across dry land. Using The Story of the World, Volume 2, we will learn together as we read, create, and imagine what life was like between the Fall of Rome and the Lost Colony. This class will offer hands-on learning designed to give your child an enthusiasm for history.
Time: 2pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15
[See also Pioneer Trails.]

Storybook TEAM (ages 6-8) New class!  Marianne Toovey
Join our TEAM (Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) to develop reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, explore the world of mathematics, and inspire your creativity with hands-on projects all related to the themes found in popular children’s picture books. We’ll read a new book each week for new opportunities to learn.
Time: 10am   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15

Tae Kwon Do for Christ   Wesley Hall
Tae Kwon Do teaches self-confidence, self-discipline, courtesy, integrity, healthy lifestyle, weight control, obedience to parents, good reading, study habits, and self-defense. Former students may continue their work; new students are welcome. Homework: 30 minutes to 1 hour per week. Uniform, testing, and belt fees are optional expenses.
Young (ages 5-7) Times: 12:20pm (30 minute classes) 11am FULL, 1:15pm FULL
Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Kicking Tigers Fee: $25
Beginning (8-adult) 2pm: FULL   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers    Kicking Tigers Fee: $25
Advanced (8-adult) 3pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers    Kicking Tigers Fee: $25

Wax Museum CANCELLED (ages 12-15) Sarah Winn
Students will become a historical figure and present characters to family and friends at the end of the semester. To accomplish this, students will learn about research, biographies, taking notes, writing, and presentation. There will be research assigned as homework. In addition to introducing students to fascinating figures in an unforgettable way, the class will teach valuable skills needed for high school classes.
Time: 10am CANCELLED   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $15

Woodcarving FULL (ages 12-adult) Ken Armsbury
We’re not talking whittling here: this is an introduction to the age-old art of woodcarving, which may open the door to a life-long hobby or perhaps even a career. Students will explore several styles of woodcarving with various types of wood. A variety of different projects will be offered for the students to choose from, once basic carving skills are mastered.
FULL: Time: 2-3:50pm Cost: $95 for both hours/$85 for volunteers Supply Fee: $15
Tool fee for knives, gloves, and carving set kept by student: $53 (unless previously purchased)

World War II (ages14-18) Sarah Winn
Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Mussolini are just some of the fascinating personalities of this historical confrontation. This class will explore the events leading up to the rise of Nazism and Hitler’s invasion of Poland and the effect this had on Europe. In the second semester, we will discuss Japan’s rise as an imperial power and how their thirst for domination drew America into the war. We will handle most of the geographic areas involved, the major diplomatic, political and military events, and some of the key figures of the war.
Time: 11am Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers Supply Fee: $5

Writing (ages 9-18) Arlis Vargas
This class will help students acquire and improve skills to prepare them to write on the high school and college level. Students will study various types of paragraph and essay writing and will practice such skills as topic sentences, supporting sentences, concluding sentences, thesis statements, topic selection, controlling ideas, unity and cohesion. Various exercises including sequencing, model writing, parts of speech, and peer evaluations will support the weekly assignments. Assignments will be customized to fit the needs and level of each student.
Time: 2pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $4
[See also Newspaper and Young Authors.]

The Writing Workshop FULL (ages 9-18) Jack Donnelly
The Writing Workshop helps students acquire and improve skills to prepare them to write on the high school and college level. The instruction and evaluation will be adapted to each student’s skill level. The class will include group interaction and teacher instruction on writing style and techniques, including grammar. Students will be given specific assignments in which they will apply the writing process to such genres as personal narrative, expository and fiction. Homework: 1 hour per week.
FULL Time: 11am   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers  Supply Fee: $4
[See also Newspaper and Young Authors.]

Young Artists FULL (ages 4-6) Kim Glass
Inspire imagination and self-expression with hands-on art activities. This class will encourage confidence, explore your child’s artistic potential and allow them to engage in tactile learning. Kids discover, get messy, and have fun!
Time: 2pm Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers Supply Fee: $15 Students supply a paint smock.
[See also Introduction to Art, Introduction to Drawing and Bug Out.]

Young Authors–FULL (ages 4-7) Elizabeth MacDonald
Let your child put their creative ideas on paper! Throughout the session, we will cover the stages of drafting, editing, illustrating, and finishing a book. Everyone from pre-writers to perfect spellers can join in the book-making fun. Stories will be read, acted out, and broken down to inspire deeper storylines. All work will be kept in a composition book, and the final copy will be written and illustrated before being laminated.
Time: 1pm   Cost: $95/$85 for volunteers   Supply Fee: $5
[See also Writing.]

Young Explorers (ages 3-5; must be potty trained)  Heather Reid
Sing, dance, paint…play! Students enjoy lively activities, crafts, and story time, while developing fine motor skills, listening, and coordination through positive social interaction. This non-academic class emphasizes that play is the work of children and provides a wonderful opportunity for individual and social activities. Students may sign up for up to two hours.
Time: 12pm, 1pm  11am   Cost: $95 per semester for each hour/$85 for volunteers
Supply Fee: $5 per hour