Next Semester Classes

FALL 2018

Many of our classes stay the same year-to year, but there are always some pleasant new surprises. Classes meet on Wednesdays; most are 50 minutes long and last 12 weeks. (Click here to see this spring’s schedule.)

By subscribing to our email list on our home page, you should receive our registration packet when it comes out in late May. We also announce it in the local e-trees and our website. If you don’t hear from us, don’t hesitate contact me.

Volunteers begin registering June 1st and general registration starts June 15th. Volunteers are given priority registration and discounted tuition. Click here for more information.

We do encourage you to sign up early if you plan to come; classes can fill up quickly.

Feel free to visit us when we are in session.We would suggest the second week through the eleventh week; the first and last day tend to be too chaotic for much casual conversation. Just contact us to let us know that you are coming.

Classes begin September 5th. For more dates, see our calendar.