REGISTRATION FOR FALL 2014 begins June 1st for volunteers and teachers. On June 15th, registration is open to all.

Many of our classes stay the same year-to year, but there are always some pleasant new surprises. You will receive an email with all the details, as well as see it announced in the local e-trees and on our website. If you don’t hear anything at that time, don’t hesitate to contact us.

So what does it take to volunteer? Surprisingly little: you commit to at least one hour a week for the 12-week semester. During that time you may help students complete a class activity, babysit, or be a hall monitor.  You or your responsible teenager can indicate your willingness to help on the registration form. If you have small children with you, it’s more difficult to find a place for you, but we will be sure to find at least one area that you can help with.

In addition to being allowed to register early, volunteers also receive tuition credit scholarships for their work. Housekeeping after classes receives a $65 credit and other volunteers receive $45 per semester for each class that they help with. (For example, if someone helped in two classes and cleaned up, they would receive a $155 credit: 45+45+65.) Teenagers will receive less compensation.

We try to get everyone at least one volunteer spot, and it’s not unusual for someone to have two. The usual places that we use volunteers are in the classroom or with clean-up.