The Learning Center Hearts NE

Why don’t they want to stay? Two reasons stand out: we’re boring (oh, the folly of youth!) and the weather (which they may have a point about).

This past week, inspiration struck: instead of gathering young people into our storm shelters, send them off into the wild Nebraska storms! True, it will be uncomfortable, nerve-wracking, loud, and a bit dangerous, but these are all the elements of a memorable rock concert, or bungee jumping, or living in New York.

So look for these billboards coming soon to an obscure location by you:

“Your petty personal problems are gone with our F4 winds!”

“Forget Dairy Queen: we’ve got blizzards you won’t forget!”

“Get stoned in our hail storms!”

“You’ll be carried away by our tornadoes!”

If you are looking for less exciting excitement, stay inside until it’s time for your Learning Center classes.