Volunteers receive discounted tuition, priority registration, and a stipend applied as credit.


How do I volunteer? There is a volunteer section on the registration form.

What do volunteers do? Classroom helpers simply help the kids follow instructions for 50 minutes (e.g., “No, sweetie, cut the construction paper, not your hair.”) We also have hall monitors and babysitters.

Can I volunteer if I have young kids with me? Sure. However, we can only use you as a hall monitor or babysitter, and we typically have more volunteers than positions.

Can my kids volunteer? Responsible students 14 years and older may also volunteer, although we typically choose an adult over a child if we can for classroom work. We can use kids 12 years and older for set-up (8:15 am) and clean-up (4pm) so long as they are able to help move chairs and tables

Can I volunteer when my kids are in class? Yes; you choose when and how much you volunteer.

I heard that volunteering is done during class time. That’s not a question, but, yes there’s nothing to take home. (It’s kind of like being a man.)

That’s a lie: I see people working at the end of the day. Well, some people help us set-up or clean up, and we pay them a bit more. Still not a question.

What’s the discounted tuition and stipend? 

  1. For volunteers, tuition is reduced by $10 per class.
  2. Volunteers also receive a credit stipend of $45 per semester for each class that they help with. Housekeeping before and after classes receives a $55 credit. (For example, if someone helped in two classes and helped clean up, they would receive a $145 credit: 45+45+55.)