Online Class Descriptions Fall 2020


ACT Prep (ages 13-18) A one-semester class Kevin Burge
Students learn tips, strategies, and get plenty of essential English, math, reading, and science review. Students can gain a competitive advantage by becoming familiar with the test’s format, learn tips that will turn complex algebra problems into simple arithmetic, and ease reading comprehension and science reasoning problems by zeroing in on main ideas, topic sentences, and keywords. Homework: 2 hrs per week.
NOTE: unlike our other online offering, this will be a recorded class that can be viewed at any time. Students may email questions to the instructor.
Students supply The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2019-2020 by ACT
Time: Videos will be available on Fridays, beginning Sept. 4th and ending Dec. 11th
Tuition: $65 for 14 weeks

Algebra 1 (ages 14-18) The first semester of a year-long class Vera Hoskins
There are two givens in every life: death, and algebra. We all have to experience both at some point. I can’t help your fear of death, but I will get you over your fear of algebra! Come with an understanding of basic math skills and pre-algebra, and leave with a knowledge of all things algebra! You’ll be able to factor any number, speak the language of polynomials, and find the equation of any line! With your knowledge in algebra you’ll be prepared to go on to geometry and higher-level math, or just sit back and check off one less fear in life. Homework: approximately 5 hours a week
Students supply Saxon Algebra 1 (3rd edition), ruler, and protractor
This is a blended class, meeting 3.5 hours a week, both online and at the Learning Center. Students can opt to view a video of the Wednesday class if they prefer not to attend in person.
Online: MON AND FRI, 12:30pm to 1:30pm
In-Person: WED 1:35-2:50 pm, or a recording of the class can be viewed later
Class ends 12/11
Tuition: $350 per semester for 3.5 hours per week for 14 weeks   Supply fee: $3

Biology (ages 13-18) The first semester of a year-long class Carol Halstead
This Apologia college-preparatory biology course provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. Heavily emphasizing the vocabulary of biology, it provides a strong background in the scientific method, the five-kingdom classification scheme, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, and ecosystems. Includes labs. Homework: 3-6 hours per week.
Students supply Exploring Creation with Biology (2nd edition) and pick up supplies as needed.
TUESDAY, 10am-11:15am, ending 12/8
Tuition: $190 for 1hour and 15 minutes for 14 weeks
Supply Fee: $25 for students to take turns dissecting specimens. Contact us if the student wishes to order more specimens to dissect.

Cook the World  (ages 6 & up)         Rebecca Obeng
Your kitchen will become an elegant cafe in Paris as we try our hands at crepes. Then it will be a crowded Italian restaurant where we will make homemade pasta. Each week we will tackle a different country, trying such sure-fire favorites as Canadian poutine but also daring to sample Japanese sushi. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find some new favorites! Some adult supervision may be necessary.
Tuition: $95       Supply Fee: $5      Families will supply ingredients from recipes sent prior to class.
FRIDAY.  2:30-3:30pm

Hand Sewing (ages 8-14) New class! Katherine McPherson
Children have the opportunity to learn one of the oldest textile arts in a fun environment specifically tailored to their developmental stage. Students will learn the basics of sewing, a variety of stitching techniques, fabric options, and sewing facts while making fun, unique projects. Each project can be accomplished by students with no previous sewing skills.
Families will pick up supplies as needed.
Supplies provided by family: scissors for fabric (fabric ones are best but almost any can be used but not kid scissors), everyday scissors, paper, and a pencil.
THURSDAY, 3-3:50pm    Tuition: $95    Supply Fee: $20

Lego Construction (ages 6-10)                                                                              Abi Henke
Take teaching out of the textbook and put it into your child’s hands! A kid’s dream of playing with Legos comes together with a parent’s vision of children happily learning technology and engineering in a tangible way. Master builders will improve their skills and learn about bridge design, catapults, and even create their own marble mazes for classmates to enjoy.
THURSDAY,  1-1:50pm       Tuition: $95    Families supply Legos.

Photoshop (ages 12-adult) New class! Rachel Bohnert
You don’t need to take a great picture when you can make one. This basic photoshop course will accustom students to the commonly used tools as we edit a different photo in each class. Students will learn how to lighten (dodge) and darken (burn) photos for effect, remove blemishes (pimples, food on small children’s faces, scratches, etc.), edit people and other unwanted details out of photos, and even swap skies and add light flares and other compositing techniques.
Students will supply Adobe Photoshop or the free photo editing software, Gimp. A laptop computer is recommended for class and will be necessary to practice the lessons at home.
THURSDAYS, 1-1:50pm   Tuition: $95   Supply Fee: $5

The Punic Wars (ages 13-18) New class! One semester Kevin Burge
How can a war last over two thousand years? Find the answer to this along with other surprising facts as Mr. Burge re-creates the Punic wars between Rome and Carthage through his own dramatic retelling and astounding attention to detail. Students will have a ringside seat to some of the greatest and most decisive battles in history, which military academies the world over continue to study to this day.
NOTE: unlike our other online offerings, this will be a recorded class that can be viewed at any time
Time: Videos will be available on Fridays, beginning Sept. 4th and ending Dec. 11th
Tuition: $65 for 14 weeks

Shakespeare and Friends (ages 12-adult) Jack Donnelly
Gather round, my heroes, and let us delve into the beauty and mystery of Shakespeare’s texts, containing language, characters, themes, and motifs, which fly by us “too fast to stop, too sweet to lose” when we merely watch his plays. So much is lost. But in this class, we will uncover why “there is no more important author in Western literature than William Shakespeare. His plays are treasure troves of insight into our very humanity. The key to his greatness is his abundance—not only in the number and length of his plays, but also in the variety of experiences they depict, the multitude of actions and characters they contain, the combination of public and private life they deal with, the richness of feelings they express and can provoke in an audience and in readers, and the fullness of language and suggestion” (The Great Courses).
Students will supply texts for HamletRomeo and Juliet, and one other play
THURSDAY, 2-2:50pm       Tuition: $95   

Wild West  (ages 6-10) New class!                                                                                   Sarah Winn
Did you know a covered wagon could cover 25 miles on a good day but sometimes might only make it one mile on a bad day?  Come experience the spirit of the Wild West through activities ranging from making a settler’s soddie to mining for gold. We will learn about the explorers who mapped the American West, gold miners, cowboy culture, cattle drives, Wild West legends, frontier towns, peacekeepers, lawbreakers, and much more of the rich history of the Wild West in the 1800’s.
Families will pick up supplies as needed.
THURSDAY, 2-2:50pm       Tuition: $95      Supply Fee: $15