New Sarpy Location!

We’re so excited about our new location; one of our worries is that there won’t be enough students to offer classes, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could help spread the word among your friends and groups.

Registration begins June 1st for volunteers and June 14th for the general public. Volunteers also receive a credit applied to their bill, but moms are welcome to drop kids off.

We are still in the process of getting our schedule finalized, but it should include at least the following:(The age ranges listed after the class title [e.g., “6-10”] are only suggestions. Parents should make the final determination. Feel free to ask for guidance, if needed.)

Little Ones: Tae Kwon Do 5-7, Young Artists 4-6, Young Scientists 4-6, Hands-On Math 3-6, Pre-Reading 3-6

Kiddos: Art 6-10, Hands On Engineering 6-10, O Pioneers! 6-10, Beginning Tae Kwon Do (7 & up), Guitar 6 & up, Drama 6-10,

Older: Biology 13 & up, Writing 9 & up, ACT Prep 13 & up, Tae Kwon Do (7 & up), Guitar 6 & up, Drama 10 & up

Our semester begins Sept. 8th and ends Dec. 1st; there will be no classes on Nov. 22th. Some high school classes will end on Dec. 15th. Most classes are 50 minutes long. Tuition is typically $85 for a semester class; there may also be an additional charge for fees or textbooks.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you have suggestions about how to make ourselves known to the Sarpy area. Feel free to contact me at