Policies and Rules

Please be aware that the Learning Center is only responsible for the safety of children in the classroom; parents or the children themselves are in charge in between classes and when children do not have class.

We do not take roll in our classes since it is the parent’s or child’s responsibility to make sure that they get there. Be sure you have filled out the emergency/consent form that’s part of the registration packet.

ILLNESSES: Although any public area increases exposure to germs, we ask that contagious children not attend classes. Children with cold symptoms, a fever, cough, or any infectious disease should remain at home. A child with flu-like illness (fever and a cough) should stay home from class for at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever, without the use of fever-reducing medicine. Anyone diagnosed with Covid-19 may return to the Learning Center 14 days after testing positive.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: An email will be sent out by 8am if classes are cancelled. Parents can also sign up to receive a text message.

CLASS CANCELLATIONS: If a class is cancelled, the schedule of classes will be extended an extra week. Parents will be notified as soon as possible by email, and by text message if they choose.

Please help us be gracious and grateful guests of our church hosts. All parents and students must be familiar with the Code of Conduct.

[For printable copy: click here.]


  1. My children and I will respect all people and property at the Learning Center.
    –We will immediately report any spills, mars, or other damage done to the building.
    –We will clean up after ourselves, picking up any trash, etc.
    –We will not touch or use any church materials or displays..
  2. My children will not go outside of the building without adult supervision.
  3. My children will avoid running, horseplay, or loud voices in the hallways.
  4. My children and I will not have open drink containers outside of the Moms’ Room, and we understand that no red or orange drinks are allowed on the Learning Center premises, whether in closed containers or not.
  5. All persons on the Learning Center premises (including drivers picking up children, guests, etc.) must follow the dress code.
    –Leggings and tights are not considered pants; the garment worn on top needs to meet skirt and shorts requirements.
    –Skirts should be no more than an inch or so above the knee, even if leggings, tights, or shorts are worn. Shorts (including athletic shorts) should at least come down just past the fingertips when arms are at the side, even if leggings or tights are worn.
    –No tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, spandex, muscle shirts, bare backs, immodest necklines, etc.
    –Midriff should not show when standing or sitting.
    –Shoulder straps should be at least two fingers wide.
  6. My children will obey all adults and address them with respect. My children and I will respect other students (no name-calling, taunting, etc.).
  7. My children will not skip or be tardy for class without parent permission.
  8. My children and I understand that students are not allowed to bring any kind of weapon into the Learning Center or on Learning Center grounds. Weapons are defined as any object or substance designed as a weapon or capable of threatening bodily harm, including, but not limited to all knives, nunchucks or throwing stars, bows and arrows, slingshots, razors, blackjacks, clubs, firearms (loaded or unloaded), objects designed to be worn over fists or knuckles, and explosive or incendiary devices or material.
  9. My children will not engage in public displays of affection (hand-holding, hugging, arms draped over a shoulder, etc.) between boys and girls. My children understand that there is to be no unsupervised boy-girl alone time.
  10. My children and I will not use profanity or vulgar language or gestures, or gambling.
  11. My children and I will not engage in behavior or bring objects that may interfere with, disrupt, or prevent a normal learning environment in or outside of the classroom.
  12. My children and I will not use or possess tobacco products including cigarettes, smokeless tobacco products (such as chewing tobacco), and e-cigarettes or vapes within the facilities or on or in view of the property of the Southwest Church at any time. Violators will face expulsion.
  13. My children and I will not engage in fundraising or other sales.
  14. My child will turn off his or her cell phone will in class. (Emergency exceptions must be approved by the teacher prior to the start of class.)



Note: Violations that are deemed particularly grave may result in immediate suspension or expulsion.

Updated August 2020