Registration Instructions


If you have not already created an account, go here for instructions:

(Click here to print a document with these instructions: Amilia Register for Classes Instructions )

  1. Click here to get to the registration site.
  2. [Ignore the “Start Here” and “Click Here First” since you have already created your account.]
  3. Click on a class that you want to register a child for.
  4. Click on the brown ADD PERSON icon under the word SESSION.
  5. Choose which child is going to take the class. (It can only register one child at a time.)
  6. You can choose to pay the whole tuition NOW, or to pay in 2 INSTALLMENTS. Click on your choice.
  7. If there is a SUPPLY FEE, you can choose to pay the whole amount NOW, or to pay in 2 INSTALLMENTS. Click on your choice. Click CONTINUE.
  8. If you have more classes to enter, click CONTINUE SHOPPING.
  9. Choose another class and repeat. [NOTE: If you are adding a child to a class that one of your other children is already registered for, click on the GREEN CHECK MARK icon under the word SESSION.]
  10. REMEMBER TO CHOOSE to pay the whole tuition NOW or to pay in 2 INSTALLMENTS for each class and supply fee by clicking on your choice. If you simply click CONTINUE, it will default to PAY NOW.

When you have entered all of the classes for your children,

  1. Click on the CHECKOUT button or the VIEW CART icon.
  2. You will see Your Order. Ignore the number of items. Click on the CHECKOUT button.
  3. Click on CONTINUE MY PURCHASE until you see the Payment Screen.
  4. CHOOSE YOUR PAYMENT METHOD. Enter the necessary information.
  5. Click on PAY NOW. (If you have chosen installments, only the deposit should be due at this time.)
  6. You will see a CONFIRMATION of your purchases.

You are registered!