St. Peter Block Directions with words and maps

Driving Directions to 709 S 28th St, Omaha, NE 68105

(Click here to print.)

It’s super easy to get to the new place: most of you will take 80 East to 480 North, and then take the Leavenworth exit. (A pretty nifty map can be found here.)

However, after getting off the exit ramp, you are faced with the usual array of one-way streets found downtown. Here are the tips that accompany this easy-to-read and print map or this Google photo map.

  1. As you get on the Leavenworth exit, try to stay in the middle lane.
  2. At the stoplight at the end of the exit, turn right onto Leavenworth Street. (Yes, you can turn right on red even from the middle lane in this case.)
  3. Get into the far left lane as soon as possible.

4A. IF YOU ARE DROPPING YOUR CHILD OFF AND LEAVING, follow Path 2 on the graphic.

  • In fifty feet, turn left to enter the small drive that leads to the school.
  • DO NOT stop at the door despite irresistible temptation. Instead, continue to the end of the school building and let your children off there.
  • Families may NOT park in this back lot.

4B. IF YOU ARE PARKING, follow Path 1 on the graphic.

  • Turn left at the next light (27th Street.)
  • Stay in the left lane and enter the parking lot by either of two entrances.
  • After parking, head towards the breezeway to the right of the church. You should see a sign beckoning you through two doors and into the smaller back parking lot. The door to the school is straight across, just past the line of cars dropping their children off.

If the lot is full, you can park on the street. You will have to exit the parking lot onto St. Mary’s, which is one-way going the wrong direction.

  • Keep in the left lane, and
  • At your earliest convenience (29th Street), make two lefts, which will bring you back on Leavenworth headed to the Learning Center.
  • Feel free to take that same left on 27th Street (which leads the parking lot) but this time park on either side of the street.


  • Take St. Mary’s Avenue (it only goes one way) for about a block
  • Turn LEFT on 29th Street.
  • Stay in the left-hand lane, go across Leavenworth at the stoplight, and keep bearing left.
  • This will dump you onto I-480.
  • Stay rightish to get on 80 West; get leftish for Bellevue, Iowa, etc.