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Class Descriptions – Fall 2014

Most classes are 50 minutes long and have additional charges for class fees, which are non-refundable. Tuition covers the entire semester and is not a monthly charge. Supplies should be purchased by students prior to class. Ages listed are only suggestions (with some exceptions); parents should make the final determination. Feel free to ask for guidance, if needed.

ACT Prep (ages 13-18) Kevin Burge
Using tips, strategies, and plenty of essential English, math, reading, and science review. Students will gain a competitive advantage by becoming familiar with the test’s format, learn tips that will turn complex algebra problems into simple arithmetic, and ease reading comprehension and science reasoning problems by zeroing in on main ideas, topic sentences, and key words. Homework: 1-2 hrs per week.
Time: 12pm, ending 12/17 Cost: $95 for 14 weeks   Supplies: Princeton Review’s Cracking the ACT with 3 Practice Tests, 2014 Edition

American Sign Language 1 Ages 12-18 A year-long class. Nicole Emery
Students will learn basic vocabulary, grammar, history, fingerspelling, numbers, terminology, as well as exploring deaf culture. Many colleges are now accepting sign language as a foreign language. Approximately 2 hours of homework per week.
1pm ending 12/17 Cost: $95 for 14 weeks Class Fee: $10 Supplies: Learning American Sign Language (Tom Humphries, et al; spiral-bound, 1992)

American Sign Language 2 Ages 12-18 A year-long class. Nicole Emery

Students who have completed Sign Language 1 (or the equivalent) will learn basic vocabulary, grammar, history, fingerspelling, numbers, terminology, as well as exploring deaf culture. Many colleges are now accepting sign language as a foreign language. Approximately 2 hours of homework per week.
2pm ending 12/17 Cost: $95 for 14 weeks Class Fee: $10 Supplies: Learning American Sign Language (Tom Humphries, et al; spiral-bound, 1992)


Ages 6-10 (Betsy Lund) Join us as we learn about the Masters of Art! We will explore famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Piet Mondrian, Mary Cassatt, and others. Students will both learn about their art and use their styles to create their own masterpieces.
Time: 9am, 10am, 11am Cost: $85 Class Fee: $15 Students should bring a paint smock.

Ages 12–Adult (Laurel Allen) Students will learn advanced skills in a fun, and encouraging environment as they apply basic elements of art using colored pencil and watercolor mediums. Elements of line, color, composition and design will be applied while creating quality, finished pieces of art. Practical and creative applications of artwork will be explored as well as beginning a portfolio.
Time: 12pm Cost: $85 Class Fee: $15 Students should bring a paint smock.
[See also Young Artists for 4-7 year-olds.]

Ballet Abbie West
This is a classically structured, traditional ballet class, which will also engage the student’s imagination. An education in dance gives the discipline and passion needed to succeed in any aspect of life. The class will end with a simple recital.
Pre-Ballet (4-6 year-old boys and girls) Time: 1pm Cost: $85
Supplies: Tights and leotard (both pink if possible). Boys wear comfortable clothing. Students will need quality shoes; no ABC products, please. Bloch is preferred, available at the Dance Shoppe for $17.
Ballet (7+ year-old boys and girls) Time: 2pm Cost: $85
Supplies: Tights and leotard (pink tights and black leotard if possible). Boys wear comfortable clothing. Students will need quality shoes; no ABC products, please. Bloch is preferred, available at the Dance Shoppe for $17.
Dance Troupe (7+ year-old boys and girls) Time: 3pm Cost: $55
This class is for ballet students who wish to increase their practice and perform more frequently. Students should be enrolled in 2pm ballet along with this class.

Ballroom Dance   Nate Woodhams
Is it exercise or socializing? Are students learning dexterity or etiquette? Once the music starts, it all comes together in this lively, energizing class. Beginners will learn to dance swing (East Coast), waltz, foxtrot, and tango (American style). Advanced students must have ballroom dance experience and will dance swing and related styles: Charleston, foxtrot, shim-sham, Lindyhop, etc. This class is offered in partnership with Arts For All, a dynamic non-profit education program that provides quality classes that are affordable to all.
Beginning (13-Adult only, please
Time: 2pm   Cost: $85
Advanced (14-Adult only, please, with one year of experience)
Time: 3pm   Cost: $85

Biology (ages 13-18) A year-long course. Jeanne Patton
This Apologia college-preparatory biology course provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. Heavily emphasizing the vocabulary of biology, it provides a strong background in the scientific method, the five-kingdom classification scheme, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, and ecosystems. This course does not contain a discussion of human anatomy, which most college professors do not consider to be a part of a college-prep course. Homework: 3-6 hours per week.
Class Fee: $20   Supplies: One ream of paper   Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd edition
Time: 9am-10:50am, ending 12/17   Cost: $190 per semester for 14 weeks

Cartooning (ages 12 to adult) Hannah Maitland
Draw cartoon characters for comics and animations! Students will learn traditional techniques for drawing, character design, coloring, and layout. Class activities will include drawing, lecture, and videos. Homework 1-2 hours
Time: 3pm   Cost: $85   Supplies: Pencil, pen, markers or colored pencils Class Fee: None

Chemistry (ages 15-18) A year-long course. Kevin Burge
A course designed to give students a foundation for college chemistry. Over the year, material will include such topics as kinetics, acids and bases, solutions, atomic structure, and gas. Students who take this course should be well prepared for a challenging university chemistry course.
Prerequisite: Algebra I. Homework: 2-4 hours per week.
Supplies: NEW TEXT Introductory Chemistry: Concepts and Critical thinking (6th Edition)
Class Fee: $20

Time: 10am-11:50pm, ending 12/17 Cost: $190 per semester for 14 weeks

Comfort Cooking (ages 10 to adult) Lisa Epperson
Real cooking, real tasty! Step into the kitchen and produce tasty creations while learning food preparation and cooking skills. Students will create appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Students will savor the results!
Time: 12pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $15
[See also Fun Food Creations and Desserts.]

Computer Science Exploration (ages 14 -18)  Alan Poe
Geekiness not required! Using Flash drag-and-drop and an MIT programming tool developed for high schoolers, students will “write” a tale incorporating if-then statements, Boolean logic, loops, and more. This course helps students understand why certain tools or languages might be used to solve particular problems. A basic knowledge of Algebra is helpful, but not required. Approximately 3-5 hours of homework weekly.
Supplies: Students will need regular access to a computer (PC or Mac) each week and the ability to email assignments. Students will not need a computer in class.
Time: 2pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $10 for copies

Desserts (ages 10-Adult) Lisa Epperson
Life is short; why not eat dessert in your first class? Students will once again fill the hallways with irresistible aromas as they create cakes, pies, bars, and other dessert favorites. Don’t miss this chance to make, eat, and (perhaps) share delectable treats!
Time: 11-11:30am   Cost: $50   Class Fee: $15
[For other cooking classes, see Fun Food Creations and Comfort Cooking.]

High energy fun! Through exercises, games, improvisation and scene work, students work to develop the foundations of good acting. Students study improvisation, blocking, story arc, and character development. Students have opportunities, through creative play and group work, to perform for each other and for guests.
Ages 6-10   Time: 2pm     Cost: $85   Class Fee: $4  Teacher: Jessie Simmons
Ages 12-18 Time: 12pm   Cost: $85   Class fee: $4   Teacher: Julie Knutson

Engineering Srikes Back New class! -Kevin Burge
A continuation of last year’s hit class that with all new material drawn from the fields of aeronautic, pneumatic, and electrical engineering through fun and challenging activities. Engineering applies science and mathematics to design objects or processes that are useful. Since machines and processes must obey the laws of nature, engineers must understand and use these laws. Students will engage in problem-solving strategies that will challenge and fascinate them, while revealing engineering facts and concepts.
Ages 6-10: 2pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $10
Ages 10-14: 1pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $10

Fun Food Creations (ages 6-10) Lisa Epperson
Kids love to cook and help in the kitchen—now you can let us take care of the mess! Kids will enjoy making and eating these foods. Students will create appetizers, main courses, and desserts. They will savor the results!
Time: 2pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $15
[For other cooking classes, see Comfort Cooking and Desserts.]

Fun with Spanish (ages 6-10) Teresa Rietjens
Would you like your young ones to become accustomed to the sounds and some basics of the language? We will explore Spanish through a variety of games and activities focused on understanding and speaking skills. Colors, numbers, food, family, out and about, animals, home and basic introductions to new friends are among the topics we will cover.
Time: 3pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $5

Geography (ages 14-18) A one-semester class. Julie Knutson
Half of 18-24 year olds can’t find New York on a United States map and 63% of young Americans can’t find Iraq on a world map. This course will study where people, places, and things are located, and how they relate to each other. Explore and discover the processes that shape the earth, the relationships between people and environments, and the links between people and places. See how a global perspective applies to you!
Time: 1pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $7

Grammar (ages 14-18) A one semester class. Arlis Vargas
Would you rather have your teeth pulled than study grammar? If so, then this class is for you. This class will take the confusion and boredom out of grammar learning. Students will advance their communication and language skills through games, group activities, and individual practice. Clauses, verb forms, gerunds, infinitives, and punctuation will be some of the topics studied. Homework: 1-2 hours per week
Time: 3pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $10
Supplies: Three-ring binder with pockets, three-hole paper, pencils, a highlighter, and two colored pens.

Guitar for Beginners (ages 6-Adult) A one semester class. Kevin Sullivan
Students learn basic skills necessary to play contemporary guitar, including some music theory, technical chords, etudes and studies. The instructor will use a variety of personalized methods and instruction. Music will include a variety of styles. Acoustic and electric guitars are welcome.
Guitar 1 Time: 10am, 11am   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $8
Guitar 2
Time: 9am   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $7

Hands-On Math (ages 3-6) Angel Peterson
Young children are curious and eager to learn new concepts, and this is a great way to introduce math skills through hands-on activities. Math manipulatives give children a chance to hold, touch, feel, count, and group for the purpose of understanding math problems. This is an especially helpful way to address learning needs of visual, kinesthetic, and other hands-on learners. Each child will make a manipulative tool box for class that they will take home at the end of the semester.
Time: 12pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $10

Hands-On ScienceSandy Hawes
[See also Young Scientists for 4-6 yr olds.]
Birds, bugs, and bats – if it flies, it‘s explored in this fascinating introduction to zoology! In the first semester, kids will get up close and personal to the insect world. They‘ll learn how to identify and classify the many different types of bugs they see, and they‘ll even get to design their own experiments with different insect species. The spring semester will focus on birds and bats.
Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day
Ages 6-10 11am, 12pm, 1pm Cost: $85 Class Fee: $15
Ages 10–14 2pm Cost: $85 Class Fee: $15

Introduction to Sign Language (ages 8-12) Nicole Emery
Look who’s signing now! This class introduces students to the exciting world of American Sign Language (ASL). Through the use of songs, games, and other activities, students will learn how to sign the alphabet, fingerspell words, and even learn some basic sign vocabulary. Many colleges are now accepting sign language as a foreign language. Approximately 15 minutes of homework every day.
Time: 3pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $5

Leathercraft (ages 6 & up) Previous students may choose new projects. – Tandy Leather Staff
Students will be guided step-by-step through projects to learn the fundamental techniques of the art of leather stamping. Beginning students can chose eight engaging projects from zipper pulls to a wallet. (May be used to obtain the Boy Scout Leatherwork Merit Badge.)
Time: 2pm, 3pm   Cost: $75   Class Fee: $22 (includes all materials)

A Little Drama (ages 3-6) New class! Angela Peterson
Creative play for young children. This class will enable kids to explore drama through activities, books, games, puppets, and storytelling. Some of the early skills touched on will be creative art, math, language, music and movement, motor development and coordination, creative thinking and problem solving skills, cooperation and turn taking.
Time: 10am   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $5

Magic Tree House History (ages 6-10) All new books! Lisa Velez
If you like Mary Pope Osborn’s Magic Tree House series, then you’ll love this class. This wonderful series of books gets kids interested in history, and we will use the stories as a springboard to jump into the past through engaging activities.
Time: 10am   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $5

O Pioneers! (ages 6-10) Tammy Hall
Have you wondered what it was like to load a wagon, move to a new place, and begin a home from nothing? Come experience the journey of a pioneer traveling to Nebraska in 1892. We will learn why the pioneers came to Nebraska, what they brought with them, and what the journey was like. We will also learn about the tasks a pioneer had to complete to survive. This will be a hands-on experience which will include loading a wagon, making butter, spinning, washing with wash boards, and attending school in a one-room class complete with McGuffey Readers and slates.
Time: 10am   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $10

Percy Jackson and Mythmaking (ages 10-14) Lisa Velez
Enter the riveting mythological world of Percy Jackson. As we go through this adventure, we will learn about literary elements used, how the classical myths differ from those created by author Rick Riordan, as well as practicing your own creative writing. If you love fiction, writing, and mythology, then this class is for you! This semester will focus on the second novel of the series, The Sea of Monsters.
Time: 10am Cost: $85 Class Fee: $5 Supplies: The Sea of Monsters

Photography (ages 14 to adult) Trisha Batchelor
Learn how to see and create, using light as your tool. Students will use photography as a means to capture and create amazing images by learning how to visualize before ever clicking the button. Explore all of your camera’s settings while learning the foundations of photography such as lighting, composition, and angles. Trisha Batchelor is a professional photographer and owner of Beautiful Photography Studio.
Time: 3pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $5
Supplies needed: Digital camera; SD or CF Card; Thumb Drive

Physical Education – Marty McCombs
Students engage in aerobic exercise that helps teach coordination, team work, confidence and sportsmanship. While playing, kids will learn many skills that are more important than athleticism, including team work, compassion, playing by the rules, anger and pain management, social skills, and competitiveness.
Ages 6-10 Students will participate in some relays, tag games, kickball, and lots of dodge ball.
Time: 12pm Cost: $85 Class Fee: None
Ages 10-18 Students play dodge ball and an occasional game of kickball.
Time: 1pm Cost: $85 Class Fee: None

Physical Science (ages 12-18) A year-long course. Carrie Fong
This Apologia course will introduce students to the stunning world they live in, as well as the universe around it, moving from icebergs to astrophysics. The course will provide simple weekly experiments covering such topics as the atmosphere, hydrosphere, weather, structure of the Earth, physics of motion, Newton’s laws, gravity, and astrophysics. Students can read along in their textbook to complete their studies. Homework: approximately1-2 hours per week.
Text: Exploring Creation with Physical Science Student Textbook, 2nd Edition (Apologia)
Time: 9am   Cost: $95 for 14 weeks, ending 12/17   Class Fee: $15

Physics (ages 15 & up) A year-long course. Jelaine Fondren
This Apologia college-prep physics course is designed for the student who has completed algebra and has had an introduction to the definitions of sine, cosine, and tangent. It provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general physics, heavily emphasizing vector analysis; this text is ideal preparation for a university-level physics course. It provides the student with a strong background in one-dimensional and two-dimensional motion, Newton’s laws and their application, gravity, work and energy, momentum, periodic motion, waves, optics, electrostatics, electrodynamics, electrical circuits, and magnetism. Homework: 2-4 hrs. per week.
Mrs. Fondren is a homeschool mom and distinguished graduate from the Air Force Academy with degrees in physics and mathematics, and a Masters in Applied Physics from the Air Force Institute of Technology 2007.
Time: 10-11:50am, ending 12/17   Cost: $190 for 14 weeks   Class Fee: $20
Supplies: Exploring Creation with Physics, 2nd edition

Pre-Reading (ages 3-5) New Class! Staff
Develop your child’s literacy using pictures, play, and the printed word. Students will take part in a variety of fun, engaging strategies in the classroom such as read-alouds, poetry to learn phonemic awareness, as well as alphabet books and puzzles to help children learn the relationship between sounds and letters and give them practice recognizing and distinguishing letters.
Time: 1pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $5

Programming: Java (ages 14-adult)  A year-long class. Alan Poe
Java programmers are in demand! This is the first of four-semester courses designed for homeschoolers and requires NO previous programming knowledge. Students learn about project design, object-oriented programming, console applications, and graphics applications through projects like a card game, a state capitals game, a simple drawing program, and even a basic video game. Mr. Poe is an experienced computer programmer with formal training in the Java language. Homework: 5 hours per week.
Time: 12pm Cost: $85   Class Fee: $5 S  tudents should be familiar with Windows and the Internet.
Supplies: Beginning Java for High School Students (Kidware Software e-book), used in subsequent classes. Notebook computer/laptop running Windows XP (SP2) or later.

Public Speaking (ages 14-18) Jessie Simmons
Speaking is not just for extroverts! In this dynamic class we will learn how to communicate clearly. We will concentrate on offering a polished response no matter the occasion. Whether it is a toast, presentation, interview or introduction everyone has opportunities to utilize the basics of public speaking. We will practice writing and giving various real life speeches in this safe and encouraging environment.
Time: 3pm Cost: $85 Class Fee: $4

Rocket Math  Heidi Rankin
Yes, even math can be fun! There is no trick to it, so the way to improve speed and accuracy is practice, practice, and more practice! Rocket math uses timed tests, worksheets, and team oriented spelling-bee type activates to make that practice goal oriented and self-competitive. Homework: 10 minutes per day.
Rocket Math I: Single digit addition and subtraction (ages 6-9) Time: 12pm  Cost: $85  Class Fee: $3
Rocket Math II: Multiplication and division (ages 8-12) Time: 1pm   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $3

The Shakespeare Play (ages 13-18 only, please) the Donnellys
Students will perform a shortened version of one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces. Auditions will be December 4th and 11th. Rehearsals begin Jan. 15th with performances on April 16th through the 18th.
Cost: $95 for 15 weeks   Class Fee: $15   No need to register until cast.

Spanish 1 and 2 (ages 12-18) A year-long class.  Teresa Rietjens
This blended class will increase vocabulary and knowledge of common conversation through the study of grammar, verb conjugation, and language usage. Through teacher-led instructions and interactive activities, role-plays, stories, and music, first and second-year students will have opportunities to further their written and oral language skills. Peer teaching will help reinforce acquired skills. Homework: 2-4 hrs. per week.
Time: 1-2:50pm, ending 12/17   Cost: $95 for 14 weeks   Class Fee: $5
Textbook: Bob Jones Spanish 1 for Christian Schools and the Spanish I Activities Manual. (Do not order the tests or a teachers’ edition.)
[See also Sign Lanuage.]

The Story of the World (ages 10-14) Darla Giambattista
The past comes alive in an energetic, fast-paced and very biblical worldview. This is hands-on history taught with activities and plenty of humor, appealing to all armchair adventurers! We’ll travel with the early nomads, explore ancient Egypt, and wind through early Mesopotamia with a brief stop in the land of Abraham. The students practice note-taking to prepare for a truly unusual final exam. This is the first of a three-semester series based on Susan Wise Bauer’s classic text Story of the World.
Time: 11am   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $7

Tae Kwon Do For Christ  Wesley Hall
Tae Kwon Do teaches self-confidence, self-discipline, courtesy, integrity, healthy lifestyle, weight control, obedience to parents, good reading, study habits, and self-defense. Former students may continue their work; new students are welcome. Homework: 30 minutes to 1 hour per week. Uniform, testing, and belt fees are optional expenses.
Young (5-7) 10:20am, 11am, 12:20pm, 1:15pm (30 minute classes)  Cost: $85  Class Fee: $5 Beginning (8-Adult) 2pm Cost: $85 Class Fee: $5
(8-Adult) 3pm Cost: $85 Class Fee: $5

Wood Carving (ages 12 & up) Ken Armsbury
We’re not talking whittling here: this an introduction to the age-old art of woodcarving, which may open the door to a life-long hobby or perhaps even a career. Students will explore several styles of woodcarving with various types of wood. A variety of different projects will be offered for the students to choose from once basic carving skills are mastered. Mr. Armsbury is a retired high school teacher, who has been carving for approximately 30 years. He also teaches homeschool students at his home workshop.
Time: 2-3:50pm   Cost: $85 for both hours   Class Fee: $20 for wood and tool use

World War II: The European Theater (ages 14 & up) A semester-long class. Michelle Beighley
Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Mussolini are just some of the amazing personalities of this historical confrontation. This class will explore the events leading up to the rise of Nazism and Hitler’s invasion of Poland and the effect this had on Europe. In the second semester, we will discuss Japan’s rise as an imperial power and how their thirst for domination drew America into the war. We will handle most of the geographic areas involved, the major diplomatic, political and military events, and some of the key figures of the war.
Time: 12pm, ending 12/17   Cost: $95 for 14 weeks   Class Fee: $5

Writing for Publication (ages 14 to adult) New Class!  Angela Meyer
Do you love writing? Have you dreamed of seeing your own work in print? This class is for students serious about some day getting paid for their writing. We will cover writing with the editor in mind, finding a market, formatting for submission, growing your writing credits (what to write before that big manuscript is ready to go), and more. By the end of the semester, each student will have identified places to submit their work, and have at least one piece of writing ready for submission. Angela Meyer is a homeschool mom and published author of Where Hope Starts, which was nominated for a Grace Award.
Time: 3pm Cost: $85 Class Fee: $4

The Writing Workshop (ages 9-18)
The Writing Workshop helps students acquire and improve skills to prepare them to write on the high school and college level. The instruction and evaluation will be adapted to each student’s skill level. The class will include group interaction and teacher instruction on writing style and techniques, including grammar. Students will be given specific assignments in which they will apply the writing process to such genres as personal narrative, descriptive, or expository. Homework: 1 hour per week.
Times: 9am (Alan Poe) 12pm (Jack Donnelly)  Cost: $85   Class Fee: $4

Young Artists (ages 4-6) Angel Peterson
Inspire imagination and self-expression with a world of hands-on art activities. This class will encourage confidence, explore your child’s artistic potential and allow them to engage in tactile learning. Kids discover, get messy, and have fun!
Time: 9am   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $15   Students should bring a paint shirt.

Young Explorers (ages 3-5; must be potty trained) Staff
Sing, dance, paint…play! Students enjoy lively activities, crafts, and story time, while developing fine motor skills, listening, and coordination through positive social interaction. This non-academic class emphasizes that play is the work of children and provides a wonderful opportunity for individual and social activities. Students may sign up for multiple hours.
Time: 11am, 12pm, 1pm, and 2pm   Cost: $85 per semester for each hour, $140 for two hours
Class Fee: $5 (flat fee for all hours of enrollment)

Young Scientists (ages 4-6) Staff
Why let the big kids have all the fun? Let us handle the mess as kids explore science safely. We will investigate the four scientific methods, the five senses, nutrition, exercise, precipitation, clouds, light, colors of the rainbow, and sound.
Time: 11am   Cost: $85   Class Fee: $10

Zumba Kids (ages 4-7) Alma Ramos-Gilbert
Kids, get fit, rock out, and have a blast! Zumba Kids® is the children’s version of Zumba®Fitness. The classes are high-energy fitness-parties that children love. Packed with specially choreographed routines and the latest child-appropriate music such as pop, hip-hop, and reggaeton, these classes increase focus and self-confidence, boost metabolism and improve coordination. No past dance experience needed.
Time: 10am   Cost: $85   Class Fee: None