Teach A Class


Teaching A Class

The Omaha Homeschool Learning Center provides weekly classes to supplement parents’ home curriculum. We meet for 12 weeks in the fall and spring and serve about 550 students each semester.

We pay teachers $20 per hour. Teachers also receive a 27% discount on tuition for their kids' classes and have priority registration. We do have childcare available for kids aged five and under, and if your own child is enrolled in the class that you are teaching, no tuition is charged for that class.  

If you offer your own classes at another location, it’s our hope that the exposure at the Center would increase that enrollment. When determining which classes to send their children to, homeschoolers primarily use word-of-mouth and personal recommendations. The Learning Center offers you a wonderful introduction to the thriving homeschool community, which numbers over 4,000 students in the nearby four county area, not including Iowa. Another advantage is that we handle the advertising, enrollment, and collections; you just teach.

If you are interested, please contact us at